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The Kid Friendly Christmas Tree

The Kid Friendly Christmas TreeWe decorated our Christmas tree last night.  As I write this, I’m sitting next to the tree admiring the ornaments.

All of them are on the top of the tree so my son can’t grab them and hurt himself or the ornaments.  The tree is wired to the wall so that he, the cats, or the dog can’t topple it over.  At the top of the tree sits a fake chicken.  Yes, a chicken because the children saw the decoration in the store and begged us to put it on top of the tree instead of the angel.  This is the fourth year that we’ve had a chicken instead of an angel on the tree top.   I suppose we’ve started a tradition.

The ornaments themselves are mostly resin.  They can’t be broken and they don’t show chew marks if the puppy should happen to get a hold of them either.

I thought that we’d done a pretty good job of child proofing the tree, but I was wrong.  My toddler figured out that if he stood on top of the puppy who was asleep next to the tree, that he could climb up the branches to get to the ornaments.  Isn’t he clever?

This evening, after supper, we decided to put the tree in the playpen as an additional safety feature.  That way, the tree has a safety perimeter and even if my son stands on the puppy, he can’t grab the ornaments off the tree.

I was talking to a friend of mine just a few minutes ago and I sheepishly admitted to her that we needed to take extraordinary measures to keep my son and the tree safe.  She laughed and admitted to me that she’d done the same thing almost 20 years ago when her son was small.

Her admission comforted me slightly.  Apparently I am not the first person to have a kid friendly Christmas tree.  I’m sure I won’t be the last either.

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