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The Holidays Are Contagious

holidayscontagious.jpgDuring the holidays, it’s normal to feel some amount of nausea. It can stem from anxiety, stress, or actually eating some fruitcake. However, with children in the house, there’s always another possible cause.

A virus!

That’s been the experience this year in the Hughes household. The first one to come down with a particularly nasty five-day strain was our youngest, seven-year-old Drake. It hit him three days before Christmas.

Do the math. Yes, it was a bit of a “wet blanket” Christmas morning this year, and as a parent, there is absolutely nothing that will shatter your heart into a million pieces than looking down at your child curled in the fetal position in his bed on Christmas morning, after he’s seen what Santa brought him, and hearing him say “Dad, it sucks to be sick on Christmas.”

Everyone in the family has now had this over the last two weeks, with my wife being the final victim over the last two days. This has led to every single one of our family holiday plans falling apart, from Christmas to New Year’s.

Just remember…there are some things that, as a parent, you simply cannot plan for, nor can you make them better. Also remember that what your family does together is important, but if all you share is activities, then the bad times will be even worse. You have to be a family, not just a group of people that hang out together.

Drake told me today “Y’know Dad…it’s been a great Christmas!”…we must be doing something right. And that makes me feel better than any family dinner we could have attended.

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