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Stress, holidays, and twins: Simple tips to make the holidays easier.

holidaystress.jpgPresents, chocolate, ham, turkey, giving, friends and family–add some holiday stress. Now stir in a new pair of twins and agitate.

The holidays are not only a fantastic time to get together with everyone and eat some really good food. It is also a time that parents, especially new parents of twins, might feel apprehensive about. Two little ones do add alittle more love. But they can add alittle more stress as well. But don’t fret. There are some simple tips to keep in mind for a joyous first holiday with twins.

First of all, you can use all the extra family and friends to alleviate some of the extra work that comes with twins. They can watch, feed, diaper, and entertain them. You could even pay one or two of the older kids to babysit the twins. This will leave you free to catch up with family and maybe bake a cookie or two.

Make the holiday dinner more of a buffet-style dinner. Ask family and friends to bring 2-3 dishes or drinks. That way, it will leave you with more time to take care of your new twins. It will also leave you with more time to show them off. Who doesn’t love squeezing the cheeks of two cute babies?

Instead of doing full on holiday dinner, make your house the last stop for all the relatives. Make it the yummy-in-your-tummy dessert house. You can make most of the desserts ahead of time. You can even buy the desserts at the last minute. It makes it so much easier on you and, in turn, makes the holidays more fun for everyone else.

Keeping in mind that the holidays are really about family, friends, giving, and just spending time together. Why not give yourself a less stressful holiday. This is not only a gift you are giving to yourself. It is also a gift you are giving your new pair of babies. Being able to take care of your babies and also take care of your self is the best gift of all.

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