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Spreading Holiday Cheer: Cards or Holiday Letter?

How are you planning to send your Christmas wish to friends and family this year?  Do you know that you have other options besides the regular Christmas card with a picture of your family tucked inside?

With a little help from Microsoft Word or other word processor, you can create a one-page summary of how the year has gone for you and each member of your family, preferably with a nice family photo, or individual picture of each member to spice it up a bit.

With the latest versions of word processors, you can jazz it up even further with different fonts, borders, graphics, etc.  You may need a little tutorial from the help that usually comes with your software, or get someone to show you the basics.  Once you get over the small learning curve, you can start to get really creative.

The beauty of a Holiday letter is you can keep it simple, and it will still be full of meaning and interest, as it will contain a lot more than just the standard greeting of a card.

How do you go about writing a great Holiday letter?  Well, there are a lot of handy tips online.  But generally, you want to keep the tone light, positive cheerful.  You should include a small section for what each member of the family has been up to during the year.  Major milestones, promotions, new developments, trips you’ve been on and what the family’s plans for the holidays, should be included.  Keep it as concise as possible.  You really don’t want to go longer than a page.

The second best part:  These letters can be sent via the mail carrier, or for even more cost-reduction, send it via email.  Just make sure that pictures have been reduced enough to make downloading easy.  Sure not everyone will have an email address, but for savvy Internet users (and a lot of people are such nowadays) you can cut back on the stuffing envelopes and stamping portion and just sent a mass email.

If you want to add even more of a personal touch, tuck it in inside a card along with the letter, with a personalized greeting written in the card.

Most important of all, have fun writing it!

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