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Most Common New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight

mostcommonnewyear.jpgIt’s no secret that most people take the start of a new year to make resolutions after taking stock of what was missing in the year that just ended. One of the most common resolution is to lose weight. An overwhelming number of U.S. Americans are overweight, and I know for moms, it all gets a bit harder to lose that weight after having children. According to statistics, January is the time for health club membership spike. And the same statistic attests to the fact that these membership usage only last about a month or so.

To make this weight loss a lifestyle change you’re gonna need more than just making a resolution:

1. Eat healthy everyday. Many health experts do not recommend cutting out any one food group, like carbs or fat (your body needs them!) but they do advocate cutting down on bad fats, sugar, and processed foods.

2. Exercise at least 5 days a week. Forget the 20-30 minutes, three times a day. That is great if you’d like to feel a bit better about your health, but for marked weight loss, you’re better off working out 5 days a week at least 30 minutes a day. Walking is a great low-impact exercise that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Don’t forget to increase either the length/time of the walk or the pace as you go along if you hit a plateau.

3. Acknowledge that this is a lifestyle endeavor. For the weight-loss to stick, you can’t have an end-date. The weight will creep back up if you decide to revert back to your old lifestyle once you lose the 25 lbs, etc. Instead, endeavor to work out for the rest of your life. It’s like brushing your teeth, make it a part of your everyday routine. Work out with a buddy, attend Weight Watchers meetings routinely. Do whatever it take takes to get support in maintaining your new svelte figure.

Good luck on keeping this resolution!

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