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Moms-To-Be: Take it Easy This Season

Moms-To-Be: Take it Easy This SeasonFor preggy moms who are panicking on how they’re gonna don their supermom apron when it won’t even fit over their expanding belly, forget about it.  The Christmas party you’re hosting, the numerous presents you’ve wrapped, the baking marathons you’re planning, it’s ok to take it easy or say no them.

Remember that you’re energy may not be up to the same gear you’re used to.  You’re probably tired more often, and may even be getting less sleep if the little one’s kicking up a storm in vitro.  This is not the time to over-reach and over-stress.  How can you dial down the flurry of activities this season often brings?

  • Organize a pot luck party instead of keeping up the tradition of having everything home-made by you.  Your guests will understand, and if anyone gripes about the missing favorite dish you ALWAYS cook, remember that it’s a compliment.  Smile and say “next year, maybe”.   If they really annoy you, don’t invite them next year :).  You may want to stick to ONE dish courtesy of you this year.
  • If you know your family won’t rise to the occasion of bringing edible food to the potluck, cater.  Call up your favorite restaurant and have them cater the dinner.  Yes, it may be more expensive, but you’ll have your feet up right before the guests arrive instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.
  • Ask for help.  If you do want to stick to a feast, ask your friends, grandma, mom, aunt, to help out in the kitchen.  Same goes for gift-wrapping those hundreds of presents, running errands, trimming the tree.  They would most likely be delighted to help you.
  • Pace yourself with the shopping.  Or buy the presents online.  Don’t try to get all the shopping done in one day.  If you have a pretty short list and think you should get it done in one day, go on a weekday.  Whatever you do, don’t shop without drinking plenty of fluids, taking a rest once in a while, and eating right.
  • Make sure you keep your sanity-maintaining routines.  Whether it’s prenatal yoga, meditating, scrapbooking, girls night out; take the time to nurture yourself.  Your needs don’t stop because it’s the holidays.
  • Keep up with the nutritious meals and snacks.  It may be tempting to eat all those sweets that seems readily available in bowls dispersed at work, at your friends’ and family’s home, and the ones your baking.  But always keep in mind that you’re eating for two, and that the second person is counting on you to make good decisions regarding what they take in.

The number one rule of all this holiday season is to HAVE FUN.

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