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Look Out! Here Comes Black Friday!

Let me tell you why I won’t be making the effort Friday morning to go shopping.? First of all, I live in the Midwest and it’s a lot different than it was where I was raised.? On the West Coast there were some people who got excited about the day after Thanksgiving as a shopping day, but out here people get absolutely nutty about Black Friday.? They camp out with hot cocoa and tents the night before just to be the first ones through the door.

Yes, tents…outside of Wal-Mart.? Go figure.

The stores here open at five in the morning or earlier.? The customers are already lined up.? Everyone is freaking out because they can’t wait to get inside and run through the aisles, finding the best deals they can.? Last year some unfortunate shoppers got trampled in a stampede and injured.? In other words, people get entirely too involved in the shopping experience.

Now picture me, trying to navigate all this with my two kids in tow.? My daughter will stay by my side, but my son still has the propensity toward wandering off and flopping around on the ground if he doesn’t get what he wants.? It’s already a hassle to take them shopping.? Do I really want to combine that with a bunch of shoppers who are hopped up on caffeine and the thrill of a sale? No thanks.? I’ll do my shopping another day or just order everything online.

If you do go out on Black Friday then try not to get too carried away with the situation.? You should still look for?the lowest price?and you should still look through advertisements ahead of time to plan out your shopping agenda.? Just because something?has a red tag on it on Black Friday doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

Oh, and leave the kids at home with someone else.

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