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Last-minute Halloween costumes

In a recent post, I discussed why I now let me son go trick-or-treating. If you are in agreement, then we may be in another situation together, too: there are only a few days left, and your kids don’t have a costume yet! Ah! You could go buy one, if you don’t mind spending the money. You could sew one if you are extra crafty and have the time, money, and energy to devote to it. You could make your kids go as ghosts (again). Or…you could take your cue from some of the most fun, simple costumes I’ve seen at my door:

  • A Christmas present: All you need is a big cardboard box and wrapping paper!
  • Cell phone: This is an updated variation of the old robot idea. But I thought it was clever.
  • A pair of dice: Have two children? Find two big boxes, paint them to look like dice! Especially cute on a set of twins.
  • Butterfly: This may be a little too commonplace for you, but maybe that’s because it’s so cute! Dress your child in black, cut out cardboard wings (you can paint them or decorate them with markers), wear a headband with antennae made from pipe cleaners or even cardboard. Add some face paint if you wish!
  • Artist: Find an old shirt of your or daddy’s. Smudge paint on it. Cut out a little cardboard palette. Top everything with a beret. Voila! (For your little boy, add a goatee with eyeliner for fun.
  • Angel: a variation of the butterfly. But this time your little girl wears white instead of black. Make cardboard wings and cover them with foil. Make a halo if you wish from foil, again.- Miss America: She can wear her dress up clothes or your old bridesmaid’s dress! Add a sash that spells out “Miss America” and a tiara.
  • Laundry basket: It’s pretty much what it sounds like. An inexpensive laundry basket, with a hole cut in the middle, stuffed with clothes. Very funny to see at your door.
  • Smores: I saw this one online and it made me smile. Make a sandwich board sign like you see on the side of the road. Regular cardboard is already the color of a graham cracker. Then paint the inside of one side dark brown like chocolate. Fill a white pillow case with a little newsprint and staple it inside the other “graham cracker.”
  • Sumo wrestler: Your little on puts on daddy’s white sweats and stuffs them. Tie if off with a black sash and slick back their hair. Make a top knot if you can!
  • Tea bag: This one requires a little bit of sewing or hot glue. Use two old white sheets, and fold them in half. Sew up the sides so they make two pockets. Fill them up about halfway with dried leaves then sew them together at the top (but leave a space for your head in the middle!) Staple a long piece of string to a tag and attach it to the top of your tea bag. Then identify what kind of tea you are!

I’ll bet you’ve seen plenty of clever, inexpensive last minute costumes yourself. Share them with us!

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