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Is celebrating Mother’s Day politically (in)correct?

Is celebrating Mother's Day politically (in)correct?This is going to be the biggest one for me yet. My two six-year olds are into it, heart and soul this year. I am forbidden to open a certain closet and a certain set of drawers. I am constantly locked out of their bedrooms. I am not allowed to enter their classroom at preschool. Something’s definitely brewing. All because of Mother’s Day is going to be here in a couple of days and everything has to be a “surprise.”

Come Saturday, they are going to a “secret meeting” at their Dad’s office. The company has organized a “pre-Mother’s Day” activity for male employees and their offspring. To make sure that Mom gets something come Sunday. It was supposed to be a big secret and I am pretending not to know about it. It is great to be a Mommy at this time of the year.

Which is why I was shocked about what a friend who was visiting from the UK last weekend had to tell me. It seems that some schools in the UK are abstaining from all this Mother’s Day hype – in consideration for those kids who are motherless. I was speechless.

This reminded me of one episode of Desperate Housewives (season 1) wherein Lynnette had an argument with another school mom who believed it was not politically correct to kill the big bad wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood school play. I found that very funny then.

It also reminded me of a news item last December wherein some schools in Austria had forbidden the traditional annual visit of St. Nicholas (European version of Santa Claus) because school psychologists claim this event has such a traumatic effect on kids who felt they were “more naughty than nice.”

These things can be amusing when I see them on TV or read them on print but when I think more profoundly, they can actually be worrying. I suppose forgetting about Mother’s Day (at least in school) is a very politically correct way of doing things, to spare the feelings of the few, to avoid highlighting other people’s discrepancies. But aren’t we carrying this “political correctness” a bit too far?

I can imagine it can be confusing, even painful for kids who don’t have moms. But does it justify denying other kids the joy of doing something for their moms? Maybe I am a bit selfish. Maybe because I am a mom, I am enjoying all this hype about Mother’s Day. But I can see that my kids are enjoying ┬áit too. Couldn’t we find a middle ground somewhere?

So what do you think? Should schools completely ignore Mother’s Day? Should we consider celebrating Mother’s Day politically incorrect?

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