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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety TipsHuh. Color me ignorant. I had no idea that Halloween was considered the most dangerous holiday for kids. Thinking about it some more, it makes sense. Trick-or-treating in the dark, the pointy costume props, the costumes themselves which are easy to trip on, the possibility of injury is staggering. Children have a higher chance of getting hit by a car on Halloween than any other night of the year. The number of injuries caused by plastic swords, pitchforks, and other Halloween props increases ER visits on Halloween more than any other night.

I guess my child’s tame roaming at the local mall for her first Halloween years has kept me in a bubble. She’s two so that was ok, but as she gets older I know she’ll want to do the street trick-or-treating with friends.

Keeping Our Children Safe on Halloween

  • Supervision. It shouldn’t matter whether they’re 1 yr. old or 11 yrs. old. We as parents, should be around to supervise them especially if they are trick-or-treating in the streets. If your preteen argues that it’s uncool, just cite the statistics and explain you’re doing your job as parents in keeping them safe. In other words, you don’t care if it’s “uncool”!
  • Preventative Measures. Discuss safety tips with your kids before you go out. Impress upon them the importance of being aware of their surroundings. It’s never too much to repeat the adage of stop, look, and listen to them.
  • Avoid Poorly Lit Streets. There’s nothing more risky than trying to cross a dark street with several kids in tow. Stick to familiar and well-lit streets. You and your kids will be familiar with your surroundings, and you’re able to see them better – and see better overall- as well.
  • Choose Appropriate Costumes. Rethink bulky costumes they can trip over easily. Have them try their costume on at home and see how they handle it. The trial run allows you to modify any sources of possible injury. You can tell them they can use a prop at home for pictures but that you will carry it for them when they’re out trick-or-treating. This gives them the proper range of motion without having to worry about them poking themselves or someone else. Click here for tips on picking out age appropriate Halloween costumes for you baby or toddler.
  • Indoor Venues. A church, an indoor mall, even schools sometimes put together Halloween events for kids. This is a nice alternative that offers candy, games, and other prizes, without having to be out in the element, and on the streets.
  • Ration the Halloween Candy. It’s definitely prudent to have your kids bring all their candy at home where you can inspect their loot to make sure its safe. Aside from safety, you can ration their candy too so they don’t get themselves a tummy ache. I usually let my child choose their favorite candy from their loot, then take the rest to work/school in a candy jar at a prominent place. That way, we don’t give their dentist any more work than they have too and I don’t end up getting tempted as well.

If you are vigilant, and safe, Halloween can remain the happy memory it’s supposed to be for years to come.

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