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Halloween for your diabetic child

Isn’t it a bummer? Sweets and sweets every where but not a piece to eat? There are many people out there with diabetes and have therefore special dietary requirements. Unfortunately, these include little children.

I have 2 young children who are fortunately not diabetic and tend towards moderation when it comes to sweets. Still, we do get into problems in terms of sweets control on special occasions like Halloween. Mommies of children with diabetes, how do you do it? You are heroes, no doubt about that.

Here are a few tips which might be useful for you during festive occasions like this:

Halloween Tips for Parents & Kids. This one’s really specific for today, 31 October. And the message from the American Diabetic Association is clear: there is no reason why diabetic children can’t have fun on Halloween.

Sugar and sweeteners. The British Diabetic Association (DBA) gives an overview of what makes your food sweet and their nutritional value and their safety.

Celebrations and eating out. This resource gives you tips for parties (including children’s parties!) and celebrations. In addition, this book by the DBA might come in very handy: Festive Foods and Easy Entertaining. ISBN 1-899288-70-8.

How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label. This resource from the US FDA is really handy – and it is for free. It can be downloaded in pdf and comes with a video. Just so you know what you are putting in the cake.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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