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Embrace the Chaos

housemess.jpgMy house is a mess.

It’s so comical when I try to clean up the house that I swear I can hear circus music playing in the background. There have been times when I would clean up a room and have just enough time to survey the delightful scene when immediately one or both of my kids would enter and start flinging things about: toys, juice, diapers, whatever. They would do it so joyfully, as though a clean room was an invitation to invoke chaos. This phenomenon still frustrates me to no end, but I’ve managed to talk myself into accepting a little bit of mess within the house. It’s taken me a couple of years to manage this reluctant acceptance, but it has helped me immensely.

Mind you, I don’t allow the house to get to a level of mess where it becomes a health hazard, but there are times when the vacuum doesn’t see any action for a couple of weeks and I can’t even estimate when the Christmas decorations will be taken down. I do know.

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