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Christmas Reminds You of How Old You Are…

christmasclock.jpgBecause you start seeing children who used to love Fisher Price go crazy over iPod accessories. I remember when my nephew Richard would argue with me over whether it was “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas.” It wasn’t really an argument because he was only three, but in his mind, everything else was “Happy:” “Happy Easter,” “Happy Birthday,” and “Happy New Year.”

Now I see the same kid and he’s excited over his Ohio State gear and watching his mom-taped wrestling matches. His sister is tapping into her inner Cheetah Girl and is so over Dora the Explorer. My youngest nephew is playing reading games with my daughter. The time really flies. What really freaks me out is when you see those relatives you only see at Christmas. Newborns are now walking. Toddlers are talking to you about school. And *gasp* there are teens and tweens chillin’ where there use to be kids running through the house like maniacs.

And I’m not old.

So what does it mean to the Moms, Dads and Granparents when the children are grown, the grandkids are grown and the great-grand children are moving toward starting families of their own. I guess it means you’ve lived a good life.

Any age epiphanies today?

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