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Advantages and Disadvantages of Holiday Birthdays

I was born in the summertime in a tropical country. My twin boys were also born in late spring, when the weather is usually warm and the sun is shining.

But after living in Europe for almost 20 years now, I got to know people who were born right smack in the dead of winter, perhaps even during the holiday season. How would it feel to celebrate a birthday at Christmas time? On New Year’s Day?

Christmas Birthdays

Take my husband, for example. He was born a couple of days before Christmas and he always had the feeling that his birthday takes the second row and the distinction between birthday and Christmas presents were not so clear. Things were made worse by the fact that his younger and only sister was born also in the same month, sometime in early December. For him, birthday parties were always a rushed affair celebrated the weekend before Christmas or right after New Year. At any rate, not many of his friends could come.

My mother-in-law tried her best to make her kids’ birthdays special. But can you imagine fitting in two birthday parties in between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? And the weather didn’t help either. During those days, birthdays are celebrated at home, either indoor or in the garden. There was no other way to do it in the winter time but right in the living room with only a limited number of kids. And the birthday decorations will just have to go along with the Christmas decorations. No wonder, my mom-in-law was jubilant when my kids were born in May!

New Year Babies

In many cultures, being born with the new year is a very lucky and special occurrence. There were competitions as to who will get the “New Year baby”, e.g. the baby born closest to the year change, e.g. at midnight on 31st of December. I remember when I was a child hearing stories about moms holding back for a few more minutes in order for the baby to be born in the New Year. This hasn’t change a lot, considering what we will read in the papers come Friday morning.

New Decade Baby

My older sister turned 50 a couple of days ago. My mom loved to tell the story of how excited she was when her due date was calculated as the 1st of January 1960. It’s going to be not only New Year baby, but a “New Decade” baby. However, my sister arrived 4 days before the expected date. My mom said my sister was determined to be a child of the 50’s.

The new decade 2010 is just around the corner. Let’s see how many decade babies will be born come Friday.

New Millennium Baby

Perhaps most special of all in the young generation was to have been born on 1st of January 2000. The local newspaper featured the other day that the millennium baby of Switzerland is turning 10 this coming Saturday, 1st of January 2010. Michelle was born 5 seconds after the turn of the millennium almost 10 years ago. In an interview, she said that there are advantages and disadvantages of being millennium baby. First there is the attention she got as a baby. Second, she is 100% sure her birthday is never a school day, thus she has time to enjoy her presents. Her friends and classmates are envious and would love to have the same birthday as she has.

The main disadvantage: everybody is too tired or too busy from the New Year’s celebration to celebrate her birthday with her. And she can never have a birthday party outdoors.

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