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Treating Intestinal Parasites

treatingintestinalparasites.jpgIntestinal worms is probably one of the most embarrassing conditions that your child may suffer from. There are many different types of worm, of which the most common is thread worm or pin worm. These worms just look like a small piece of white thread and are usually completely harmless, although they can cause considerable anal itching. Other fairly common worms are tape worms, round worms and hook worms. These can have more serious effects and should be dealt with with some urgency.

It is possible to get something from the doctor to treat worms, but having known a couple of people who had bad reactions to this, I decided to take the natural route. The first thing that I started my daughter and myself on was garlic capsules. For the first day or two there was an increase in the itching, but after that it settled down and we have not had any itching since (this was about 6 weeks ago). I was certainly expelling quite a lot of worms. When things had settled down I added one drop of black walnut tincture a day to my water and again I expelled more worms. Because Emily has been unwell I decided just to keep her on the garlic for a while as I didn?t want to do anything that would shock her system too much. The advantage of garlic is that it also seems to boost the immune system and therefore, helps to ward of the various bugs at the same time. We are both feeling better generally but, of course, it is difficult to know when you have got rid of all the worms.

Cleanliness is important when getting rid of worms. If you scratch your bottom and then put your fingers in your mouth, the eggs are then transported back into the digestive system. Obviously we would not do this on purpose, but you may well scratch in your sleep. The best method of dealing with this is to wear knickers in bed, and if necessary also cotton gloves, and in the morning wash under your nails with a nail brush. Salt kills the worms, so put a bit of cheap salt in your bath and also, when you have a poo, wash you bottom with salt water.

Dietary changes can help, try cutting down on white flour and sugar and increasing the intake of garlic, raw carrots, brown rice and pumpkin seeds.

There are many other natural treatments that may help worms of which the most popular are sage, wormwood and the homeopathic remedy cina 6.

Also, remember that worms are very common and you are not the only one suffering from them and it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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