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Treating Cystitis

treatingcystitis.jpgCystitis is an unpleasant condition, but seldom very serious. Most women experience at least one episode of it during their lifetime. It is much less common in men and children, although if they do develop cystitis they should see a doctor. Cystitis is usually caused by a urine infection which then leads to inflammation in the bladder. The symptoms are an increased frequency to urinate and a burning pain when you do. Often you can also feel generally unwell and sometimes have a fever too. Women going through the menopause are more likely to experience cystitis due to various changes that are going on in the body.

The standard treatment is to drink lots of water, some people also suggest putting some bicarbonate of soda in the water, this helps to alkalize the infection. Recent studies show that often the infection will go away on its own after about three days without any treatment at all. Research has also shown that cranberry juice has a positive effect.

Antibiotics can also help, if the symptoms do not clear up after a few days, or there is blood in the urine, you should see your doctor. If cystitis is allowed to carry on for some time it can develop into a kidney infection which is much more serious.

If you have regular episodes of cystitis this is known as recurrent cystitis and may need some lifestyle changes. In these circumstances, it is essential to wear cotton underwear and avoid tights and other tight clothes that can make you sweaty. Cleanliness is important and avoid deodorants, bubble baths and other products that may alter the acid/alkaline balance in the vagina. Also you need to drink plenty of water on a regular basis and either drink cranberry juice or take cranberry capsules. If you are prone to other sorts of infections as well you probably need to boost your immune system by taking a good multinutrient and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.

According to Louise Hay, who links all physical conditions with certain emotions, cystitis is caused by being ?pissed off? usually with members of the opposite sex, and certainly my daughter only ever gets it when she visits her father! But, of course, that could be coincidence!

The standard homeopathic remedy which is recommended is Cantharis 30. I have tried it with my daughter and the symptoms certainly improved, but in her case it never quite got rid of the condition, but she had very stubborn cystitis, I think due to a weakened immune system.

As always, if you are at all concerned visit your doctor.

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