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The Wonders of Arnica

thewondersarnica.jpgArnica is probably the best known of the homeopathic products. It is generally available in tablet, gel or cream and sometimes in tincture (liquid) form. Arnica is one of those products that I carry everywhere with me and consider it essential for those with young children.

Arnica is made from the arnica plant which is a member of the sunflower family. It is generally known as a treatment for bruising, but also helps the shock of the accident (however minor) as well and providing pain relief. So if your child hurts themselves and you think they are more upset at the shock of it than the pain, arnica will still help. I had a lot of teeth out a couple of years ago and had practically no pain with any of them. I took one remedy before leaving the dentist and then another one each time any discomfort arose, they can be taken as often as every 15 minutes. Sometimes hospitals are even recommending it after operations.

The best potency for first aid purposes is 30 and I would generally recommend the tablets rather than the cream, although there is no reason why you can?t use them both, although arnica cream should not be used on broken skin, as it may cause a rash. It is perfectly safe to take when pregnant or in labor and is recommended after birth to help any discomfort or shock to the body. The tablets are tiny and just dissolve under the tongue so any child can take them. Alternatively you can crush one up between two spoons or dissolve it in a drink.

I consider Arnica 30 an essential for any first aid kit.

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