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Splinter tips and tricks

splintertipstricks.jpgI remember my son wincing in pain when he showed me his left palm. There was a sliver of wood lodged beneath the skin. It?s a splinter. The end of the sliver is slightly protruding. The traditional solution I know is to dig the splinter out using a needle and a tweezer. I sterilized the needle and tweezer first then I slowly dislodged the splinter embedded in the skin. My son writhed and occasionally jerked in pain. When the splinter loosened up a bit, I slowly pulled it out of the skin using a tweezer. I have to be more careful because the splinter might break in two or more pieces, prolonging my son?s agony.There are other ways to remove splinters with lesser pain.

Keep in mind, however, that if the splinter is deeply lodged in the skin or if it’s in the facial area or underneath the nails, it is better to see a doctor and have it removed professionally. Likewise, see a doctor if you notice swelling or infection on the affected area after the splinter has been removed because it means that there are fragments of the splinter left in the skin.

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