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Naomi Watts: Fastest Celebrity Post-Baby Slim Down Ever?

Naomi Watts: Fastest Celebrity Post-Baby Slim Down Ever?Not even a month after giving birth to son Samuel Kai, Naomi Watts is back on the red carpet looking like nothing ever happened. She told People magazine that she lost a lot of weight when she delivered Samuel (well, duh) and she’s lost the rest through breastfeeding. I suspect this may not be the whole truth – extreme diet and many hours on the treadmill perhaps? I don’t know if that’s the truth, but it’s not normal or natural to loose weight that fast.

What choices Naomi Watts makes is up to her, but the simpering People article really irritates me. Beginning with¬† “New moms, eat your hearts out. ” Because we are supposed to be jealous that she’s a twig again? Yeah, it’s depressing that she looks freaking phenomenal for a 40-year-old mom of two but her job is looking good, she’s got a nanny,¬† and us mortals want to do stuff like, well, look after our babies.

If you wanna be even more depressed, check out People magazine’s collection of insanely fast celebrity post-baby weight loss.

Most doctors tell post-natal moms that it just isn’t healthy to start any weight loss or exercise program until at least six weeks after delivery. Your body needs to take that time to recover from the birth, it needs nourishment and rest, not diet and exercise.

It’s taken me almost three years to get back into shape after the birth of my son. So I wasn’t trying very hard or very consistently… I did more eating cake and playing with my son than cardio and I am perfectly happy with my choices. What I wanted to do in the first month after my son was born was to hold him and sing to him and nurse him and smell the top of his head and just be amazed at this tiny little person who was changing and growing and becoming more incredible every day. And eat cake. I had zero desire to go running. I kinda feel bad for Naomi for missing out on that in the quest to get skinny and go to premiers.

Hollywood moms are not all like that though. Salma Hayek told Oprah recently that she still hasn’t lost all the weight she gained when pregnant with her toddler daughter, Valentina. And in the news this week, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton told reporters that she took a year to loose the baby weight from her son, Beau, and she did it with sensible eating and exercise. “It’s got to be about balance though, being healthy but not letting it rule your life,” she says.”When my friends ask me ’round and say, ‘Let’s get a pizza,’ I would hate to be the only person picking at the pepperoni.” Good for you, girl!

Post-natal moms? Look after yourselves, ignore ridiculous celebrities, and let’s hear it for pizza!

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