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Mommy mantras (and other tips for getting through the day)

Mommy mantrasI don’t think I’m the only mom who has needed to take a “time out” for myself during stressful moments or days. I’ve found that it’s a good idea to find calming mantras to repeat and even use imagery to “escape” from life’s daily hassles.

I’ve always used the saying “Let go, Let God”, when I feel overwhelmed and particularly when I feel myself tensing up when it’s time to go to bed. Sometimes that’s when all the stresses of your day hit you: when you’re finally free to relax and let your mind wander. And more than anything, of course, we moms need our sleep!

Recently, I’ve become fond of a new phrase (well, new for me, I mean). I’ve seen the words “Bloom where you’re planted” on cards and artwork by one of my favorite whimsical artists, Mary Engelbreit. This puts me back in the moment and reminds me not to focus on what I wish I had or where I wish I lived. It reminds that I should enjoy life right now, at this very time, in this very place. I have so much to be thankful for: a nice home, great kids and husband, etc. I think this saying might come in handy for other moms when they’re feeling frustrated or having a bad day.

A visualization technique I’ve always remembered was shared with me by an old friend. Some stranger had blabbed all sorts of unpleasant words at me in a parking lot over a near accident which was absolutely not my fault. Things like this used to really get to me. My friend told me of a similar encounter he’d had. He told me that when someone was really bugging him, instead of letting him/her get larger than life, or blown out of proportion, he’d “frame” him. This means to picture a frame around the yelling/complaining person, then picture a smaller frame, then smaller…until the person becomes very tiny. He also said that he’d imagine the person yelling in some unusual language like Chinese or singing opera-style. This turns an unpleasant experience into one that you can actually laugh at. It puts you—not the other party—in charge and in control.

I have found these techniques to be very helpful as a mom and in life in general. I’d love to hear other “Mommy Mantras” and tips for coping with stress from the rest of you!

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