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Jenny McCarthy on her son`s autism and recovery

Autism Spectrum Disorder has, in recent years, created heated debates between parents, doctors, health authorities, and scientists. Unfortunately, although autism is prevalent (about 1 in 150 kids are affected), there are still so many things we don`t know about it, including the real causes, and treatments. Autism has been linked to many factors, including exposure to pesticides, milk products, genetics, low birth weights, and mobile phones. However, none is more controversial than the role of childhood vaccines in this disease.

The son of actor Jenny McCarthy was diagnosed with autism as a baby. Evan, who is now 5 years old, was one of the very few children who recovered from this debilitating disease. The celebrity parent recently revealed on about the details of Evan`s journey to autism and back. They described his ?recovery? as regaining many of the skills that he once lost, which include speech.

They attributed this recovery to the following:
? Diet which is gluten-free and casein-free
? Vitamin supplements
? Metal detoxication
? Anti-fungal against yeast overgrowth

One his neurological symptoms improved, he underwent speech therapy and applied behavior analysis. After a year of these therapies, Evan was almost fully back to normal, much to the amazement of this doctors.

Jenny and Jim admit that some of these treatments are not backed by scientific evidence. However, the fact that they worked on the boy was proof enough that they could work.

What frustrates the them is the fact the doctors and autism experts did not acknowledge the importance of Evan`s recovery or analyzed the treatments and therapies that may have contributed to this. Instead, they simply dismissed it as a ?misdiagnosed? case.

Jenny and Jim believe that ?autism is an environmental illness? and that vaccines play a major role as an environmental trigger. They are not against vaccination as such but they believe that there is a need to re-examine some of the ingredients as well as the vaccination schedule recommended by CDC.

Jenny shares her experiences with other parents in her book ?Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.?

Another recent develop in the battle against autism is the unprecedented decision of a federal court in Georgia ? in favor of autism victim Hannah Poling and her family. More families are awaiting their cases to be heard.

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