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Itty Bitty Babies Don’t Need Water

When my first baby was a newborn I remember wondering if my breastmilk was enough when it came to liquids. It seemed a little odd that my baby didn’t need any water or any other type of liquid, so when I asked my doctor for clarification she said in no certain terms: “No water, no way, not yet.”

Babies who are under six months old just don’t need any extra water to drink. Water can actually harm them in a number of ways, and can even lead to some serious medical issues like seizures and other undesirable events. Once in a while a group of pediatricians will send out a press release or get an article published that reminds parents to not give young babies water to drink. The latest article I read was issued through Reuters and it reiterates the valid point that breastmilk or formula is sufficient for young babies unless there is another condition present that merits additional liquids.

I know how weird it may sometimes seem to only give babies breastmilk or formula because after all, as adults we’re used to a wide variety of foods and drinks so why wouldn’t a baby require more? Just remember that younger babies have insides that are still maturing, and for them the milk or formula is completely sufficient.

Instead of giving your baby water to drink, give her plenty of water to splash in the tub. She’ll like that better anyhow.

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