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Is my son going to have a heart attack?

As if I didn?t have enough to worry about? Flame retardant pajamas just aren?t enough to keep my little ones from foreseeable disaster. Earlier this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics told me that I need to worry about my son?s cholesterol. (For more of the details, see Dawn Allcot?s blog or go here .)

Somewhere between the ages of two and ten I should have had my son?s lipids screened, since my own dad died of complications from heart disease and diabetes. But you should see my boy. He?s perfect?all 61 pounds of him.

But now they?ve got me worried. I need to buy him low fat foods. And if he does have an elevated LDL concentration, he ought to be on cholesterol lowering medication! Even if he?s fine, he should go back again in 3-5 years, just to make sure. Are there truly cases where an 11-year old had a heart attack?

Forget conspiracy theories for the moment. I?m sure they?re just trying to ward off preventable trouble and keep an eye to our precious ones? health future, but come on. If I keep worrying about everything that could possibly be wrong with my children, I?m afraid I?m going to have a heart attack myself?and soon.

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