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Home remedies for colds, teething pain, tummy-aches, and constipation

homeremediesconstipation.jpgWhen both my kids had colds recently, their symptoms seemed to linger- to start to get better after a few days, then worsen again. We ended up seeing our pediatrician, who recommended giving them honey to treat their sore throats and coughs.

I later found out that honey has been rated the best cough remedy by a Pennsylvania State University?s College of Medicine doctor, Ian Paul, M.D. It coats the throat, fights irritants, is rich in anti-oxidants and causes salivation, which prevents dry coughs. While not recommended for infants, honey can safely be given to kids aged 1 year and up.

Give ? teaspoon to kids who are 1-5 years old and one teaspoon to older kids, ages 6-11.

Other natural cold remedies include steam via a vaporizer or from a hot shower and elevating children?s heads while they sleep, by putting rolled up towels or stuffed animals under their mattresses. We all know to drink plenty of liquids for colds and other ailments. Frozen liquids, or frozen juice pops, help hydrate kids and feel good on sore throats. You can always make your own popsicles with an inexpensive plastic popsicle tray, juice or other beverage, and popsicle sticks.

For stomach aches and nausea, real ginger will help (vs. store-bought ginger-ale, which does not contain real ginger!). You can make your own ginger ale with real ginger, lemon rind, honey, boiling water and seltzer to taste. Slices of ginger may also be steeped in hot water to make ?ginger tea?.

Young children, including my own, often have toilet ?issues?, especially when potty-training. Mineral oil worked when my 2 ? year old son was painfully?umm?backed-up. Fresh fruit, particularly apricots, pears, peaches and dried fruit will likely bring relief to this problem. For young babies without teeth, boil a prune in water and then puree it.

Check with your doctor about recommended amounts of flax-seed to relieve constipation, but this can work well for kids ages 2 and up, sprinkled and mixed into foods like yogurt.

For teething pain, frozen foods are a great idea. A frozen stalk of celery or asparagus can reach to the back teeth. A frozen bagel works well for front teeth.

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