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Here Come the Colds

If you’re like me – a mom who has one or more children who are more prone to get sick because of a medical condition – then you’re cringing that the weather has cooled and people are preparing to take their fun activities indoors where germs run rampant. My son is prone to get sick because of a condition he has, but each year he gets better and better until one day it’s supposed to disappear completely. We’re two or three years away from when that’s supposed to happen, so now I’m bracing myself for the colder weather.

He has already started his trademark wheezing that makes people ask me, “Is he okay? Can he breathe?” I’ve become more vigilant about using hand sanitizer and we’re getting a little choosier about which social invitations we accept and which ones we decline because I don’t want him assaulted with everyone else’s germs. When we drop him off at Sunday school we cringe if we hear another kid there sniffling because we can be fairly certain that the next day, our son will probably be sniffing too.

Before I had kids I would welcome the cooler weather. I’ve never been too fond of hot climates and there’s nothing like hot cocoa and watching the leaves turn different colors. Now that I have kids all I can think is, “Uh-oh, here comes all the colds. I better stock up on tissues.”

I’ll be very careful this year to make sure that my kids are as healthy as they can be, but seeing as my son is already on his way to his first cold of the season I can be fairly certain that we’ll see many more sicknesses as the weather gets colder and colder. Of course, he gets colds any time of the year, but when the colder weather rolls around the colds come fast and furious with few breaks. His older sister is a lot heartier, and I hope that someday he will be too.

So prepare yourselves for going to the pumpkin patch and for the year’s first snow. I’ll be busy preparing our house for the onslaught of illness.

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