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Free Medicine Flavoring At Walgreens

Free Medicine Flavoring At WalgreensMy poor son is so sick.  He’s got a double ear infection, a sinus infection, an eye infection, and his asthma is acting up.  Today, I spent some time waiting at the doctor’s office and then waiting at the pharmacy for his prescriptions.  Usually, I drop them off and leave.  I was glad I stayed today.

The technician told me that the medicine the doctor ordered for my son was pretty bad tasting.  My son doesn’t like to take medicine to begin with, so I was anticipating a bunch of difficulty actually getting his medication into his system.

Then, she mentioned to me that for the month of February, Walgreen’s will flavor your child’s medication for free.  Usually, flavoring costs $2.99 extra per prescription.  There are many flavors to choose from including bubble gum, watermelon, grape and cherry.  Incredibly, they actually have a chart which recommends flavors for different kinds of medicine!

One of my son’s prescriptions was for Augmentin.  According to the technician, grape, bubble gum and cherry flavorings would work very well.  I chose cherry for my son.

Incredibly, it worked.  He is actually taking his medication with a minimal amount of fuss!  I admit, I’d always wondered if flavoring medication was worth the extra $2.99.  If you have a child like my son, it might be worth your while to spend the extra money.  At any rate, you might consider trying the flavoring option this month while it is free.

Have you ever tried the flavoring option?  Do you think it’s a waste of money or a great idea?

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