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Ear Tubes

eartubes.jpgMy son had tubes put in his ears right before his first birthday. I was initially horrified at the idea of getting the tubes put in, because the only thing I knew about ear tubes was that kids in daycare got them. My son’s doctor explained to me that being in or out of daycare had nothing to do with getting tubes, and then she actually showed me the tubes. I had pictured them as actual tubes…kind of like a flexible straw. In reality, they were quite minuscule.

My son had suffered with one ear infection after another, and he was on and off antibiotics like crazy. After he had the tubes put in, he didn’t have a single ear infection until a couple of weeks ago when lo and behold, his tubes had naturally fallen out. I don’t know if he’ll need to get some new tubes put in, but I really think they were worth it.

Sure, it was a pain always putting ear plugs in his ears to take a bath or swim in the pool, and although the process of getting the tubes put in certainly wasn’t pleasant I can only imagine the grief it has helped us avoid. Going from an ear infection every other week to suddenly no infections whatsoever was phenomenal.

If your doctor suggests ear tubes for your baby, try not to be too horrified at the thought. I wholeheartedly endorse them after I saw how great they were for my son.

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