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Cranial Osteopathy for Many Baby Problems

cranialosteopathyproblems.jpgGiving birth is a complex process and whilst it can be difficult for the mother it is usually much more traumatic for the baby. The child is pushed about as it comes down the birth canal and this can result in certain bones and other tissues being not quite in the correct place afterwards. Generally these sorts of problems sort themselves out, but sometimes they do not, and this is where cranial osteopathy comes in.

Cranial osteopathy is a special part of osteopathy which involves very gently manipulating the bones of the skull and ensuring that they are in the correct place. It is suitable for all ages, but particularly younger children before the bones in the cranium have fused. There is absolutely no discomfort, in fact it feels like the osteopath is doing nothing at all.

When my twins were born we all had a bit of a hard time and they were both forceps deliveries. My daughter, Emily, was a particularly difficult baby and used to scream for hours in the evening, however after one trip to the cranial osteopath the screaming stopped. I have also found with her that regular treatment eliminates the ear infections that she used to get. I took my son, Daniel, for treatment at the same time, although we never had any real issues with him at the time. However in later years when his Asperger symptoms became very pronounced there used to be considerable improvement in his behavior even before we had got him home from the appointment. I have also heard of a young baby who was having seizures every few minutes and these practically stopped after one visit from the cranial osteopath.

My younger daughter was born at home and was a much easier birth, I took her along to the osteopath but she said that she was absolutely fine. So generally it is only the more complicated births that may need this sort of intervention, although I recommend taking all children along after birth, just to be on the safe side. Even children born by cesarian can benefit from this sort of treatment. Other conditions that cranial osteopathy is often used for are colic, difficulties feeding, sleep problems, sinus problems, asthma and cerebral palsy.

To find a local cranial osteopath contact your national osteopathic association and they can give further details.

Always contact your doctor if you are concerned about your child?s symptoms.

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