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Cradle Cap

cradlecap.jpgBoth of my babies experienced cradle cap, which for them meant yellowish scaly patches on their heads. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that they were both born with full heads of hair, but whatever the reason they both had it. It didn’t seem to bother them at all because they never seemed uncomfortable or itchy, and from what I understand it’s mostly a cosmetic issue that goes away eventually on its own.

I didn’t really concern myself too much with the cradle cap because I figured it was just a minor annoyance that would disappear with due time, but my husband was absolutely repulsed by it. He couldn’t stand the sight of the stuff and would spend quite a bit of time combing it out of their hair. For him, I went ahead and bought a cradle cap shampoo at the store and we used that on both babies with a little bit of success. The cradle cap did just eventually go away on its own, though. I’m not even sure the shampoo did much at all, but it certainly made my husband feel better to at least try to do something about the situation.

Someone once told me that if cradle cap is left unchecked it can spread like wildfire all the way down the baby’s back, but from my experience with my own babies it seems that like that scenario would certainly be the exception to the norm. If your newborn develops cradle cap then try not to fret too much about it because it will probably disappear on its own without much help from you. If it freaks you out then you can try store-bought remedies, or you can do like my husband and spend quite a bit of time combing the scaly patches out. Either way, if you are really concerned about it then you should make an appointment to see your baby’s doctor.

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