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Coping with the Perimenopause

copingperimenopause.jpgIt is not uncommon for the first symptoms of the perimenopause to show themselves when we are in our mid thirties. Sometimes these symptoms are put down to stress, overwork, not enough sleep etc, but they can persist. As we get older our body can struggle to keep the natural cycle of hormones going as it was before. It is now possible to get a test from your doctor which can show whether the changes have started, however it is not completely reliable because your hormones can change from day to day.

Many people do not want to go to the doctor with these sort of problems because they don’t feel that there is much that he can do other than put them on HRT. Others want to start with the natural alternatives first and only use conventional methods if necessary, still others feel that the problems aren’t severe enough to warrant medication, but would still like to feel better.

The first thing to do here is to look at diet and lifestyle. We all know the basics of leading a healthy lifestyle – daily exercise, plenty of fruit and vegetables and so on – however many of us do not follow this advice as well as we should.

When we start into the perimenopause some people believe it is possible to help stabilize the hormones with the use of something called the HRT cake. This is a cake made with many natural phytoestrogens and it is recommended that you eat a slice a day. It is a pleasant enough cake and you can either make it yourself or there are places that sell it.

A good multinutrient is also recommended, it is difficult to get all the nutrients that we need from our diet, especially as we get older and this can show itself in a whole range of symptoms.

If you have given all of these things a trial for a while, and the symptoms still haven’t eased then it may be worth looking into some of the herbs that have been used with the menopausal symptoms. These include agnus castus, black cohosh, wild yam. Personally I would recommend trying the simple lifestyle changes and then, if necessary, seeing a nutritionist or a herbalist to give specific advice on your situation.

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This article is not meant to constitute medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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