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Celeb Mom’s Post-Baby Body Depress Regular Moms

A non-scientific survey churned out the non-surprising numbers: 31% of moms were angry about the pressure Hollywood moms put on them to look a certain way after giving birth. 24% felt depressed about it. The complete article really hit a nerve for me. In my culture, it is rampant, and considered perfectly acceptable, to greet people with an assessment of their weight. Of course, the commenter is most likely to comment on weight gain than weight loss.

I can’t even count how many times I have received the comment “Oh, you’ve gained weight!” in my life post teenage body (I’ve never been skinny, but I was skinnier in high school). And it’s now a constant refrain since I had a baby.

There are some moms who totally find celeb mom’s weight loss inspirational. I find it 99% unattainable except for a few. Those blessed with good genes, and those blessed with the same resources. If I had nannies, a personal trainer, a chef to prepare me nutritious and delicious meals, and a job where the number one priority is to look good? Heck, I’d utilize it all. The proud reality for me though is that my husband and I worked hard taking care of our baby all on our own, with a full-time job after barely 6 weeks of vacation.

How could we suburban moms compete? Besides, the La Leche League and doctors don’t recommend trying to actively lose weight while nursing, and I’m still nursing. They also don’t even recommend working out until at least 6 weeks after a C-section, which a lot of moms go through instead of vaginal births. Yet we see Hollywood moms on the cover of magazines with seemingly perfect bodies, and toned stomach a mere 8 weeks or so after giving birth? Are we supposee to emulate this? Is this even healthy?

Some moms mentioned in the MSN article have tossed their subscription to such magazines in disgust. For me, I don’t take such call to perfection so soon after birth to heart. I know my reality, and I do my best with that reality. For example, though the scale says I have lost all my pregnancy weight, I know my stomach will not look the same again without medical intervention. Stretch marks, sagging skin is a reality of most pregnancies. It was something that was considered normal before, but not anymore, it seems. Now, rumors circulate about lipo and other stomach treatments after a C-section or vaginal births for celebrity moms, and I’m apt to believe them. Their bread and butter is from how they look. It isn’t mine.

My one true wish though is that society accept and embrace women’s bodies in all sizes. My daughter is gonna grow up in this society after all, and I want her to always be proud of how amazing her body will be in carrying a baby, is she is ever blessed with any.

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