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Boys, Asthma, and Secondhand Smoke

Boys, Asthma, and Secondhand SmokeIt’s a known fact – smoking, first or second hand – is bad for our health. It has been shown to have adverse effects such wheezing and allergies among young children.

This latest study, however, showed that second hand smoking, passive smoking, environmental smoke, whatever you call it, can cause behavioral problems in children, especially boys with asthma. Kimberly Yolton, a researcher at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center looked at data on children 6 to 12 years of age who were exposed to an average of 13 cigarettes a day. She found that male children with asthma showed increased symptoms of hyperactivity, and aggression, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

The reasons for the behavioral problems are not known. However, these findings suggest that environment, especially family environment, is a very important factor in diagnosing behavioral problems in children. It is sad, because in these days of smoke-free surroundings, more and more smoking occurs within the four walls of  the home, thus increasing children’s exposure. Sad and bad.

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