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Baby Meds & Your Instincts

Having medicine prescribed for your baby can be a sticky situation. You want your baby to receive treatment for whatever the ailment is, but on the other hand you don’t want to expose your baby to any medications he may not need. Believe me, I know how it feels. Both of my children have been on allergy medicine (Zyrtec for one, D-Allergy for the other) since they were itty bitty babies.

I don’t like giving them medication unless they absolutely need it. I guess I’m always afraid that they’re injesting something they don’t even need, and all it takes is one story in a magazine about a baby dying from an accidental medicine overdose to really freak me out.

My son was on Prilosec for about a year. He first was prescribed this medicine when he was having issues with crispy-sounding breathing because the doctor decided my son had acid reflux. This medicine was a big pain. It had to be kept cold, the pharmacy needed plenty of advanced notice before we needed refills, and my son absolutely hated the taste. Half the time he didn’t even take the full dose because he spit most of it out.

I kept asking the doctor if we could try to lay off the Prilosec to see if he had maybe outgrown the ailment on his own, but she was apprehensive about it. At one point she even suggested that I should increase his dosage.

The funny thing was that my instincts were saying that he really didn’t need this medicine. Something inside me said that he was getting a medication that wasn’t doing a thing for him.

One day I made up my mind: I would wean him off the medication and watch him carefully. I did it with the reluctant blessing of my son’s doctor, but guess what? He did just fine without the medication. He didn’t need it after all. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he didn’t need it at some point, and maybe it was a good thing when he was younger, but I was very happy when we were able to say goodbye to that vile stuff forever.

Stay tuned as my doctor and I try to see if we can get the kids off allergy medicine too!

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