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Autism and Vaccine Link: Get Over It

autismvaccineit.jpgPeople will pick up on anything to accuse of being autistic. Absolutely anything.

More children are being diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum each year and the anti-vaccine movement just eats it up. Despite the fact that for years scientists and researchers have published comprehensive information disproving the link between the type of mercury found in vaccines, rabid protesters of vaccines still point fingers. See more about the disproving here – Infant study casts doubt on vaccine-autism link.

Perhaps these people fail to notice that the spread of autism has occurred at nearly the same time as the mass introduction of preservatives and other agents into our food supply. Maybe many of these people who are against vaccines would enjoy a back to the past approach of living. You know . . . Fighting off smallpox, polio, and other nasty bugs. I mean, living with those diseases is much better than trying to change the diet your child has. Right?

The link between diet and autism is becoming increasingly clear as research is progressing. Many websites and books are available on the subject, so why the hoo-ha about vaccines? Because of laziness, pure and simple. Or perhaps the need for drama, the need to work for a cause. But, this cause has no real science behind it.

On the other hand, diet and autism have a huge amount of research and proof. Many studies regarding the proteins in wheat and dairy, how they react in a child?s system have been done. Parents around the globe find their children released from the grips of autism by following strict diets that exclude wheat products and dairy. The proteins that are causing the problem in the child?s nervous system are gluten and casein.

Both of these act as opiates on an autistic child?s brain and body. That is one reason children in the autism spectrum are found to have such odd diets. They become addicted to these food items, literally. Chicken nuggets, sandwiches, milk, and any food with gluten or caseins in them.

Of course, many people who advocate the discontinuance of vaccines might come to me and say, ?What do you know? My child never exhibited signs of autism until after she had a vaccine.?

Perhaps this is true. But, normally the real diagnosis of autism does not occur until well after a child has received all of their vaccines. A child may behind in their development, but most of the time, these developments are coming at the same time the vaccines are, so a link is supposed.

I challenge all parents of autistic children to begin eliminating dairy from their child?s diet. Try this for a few months. If an improvement is seen, then move to wheat containing products. It will take time and be a challenge, but the possible benefits outweigh any risk. Once you have tried this, consistently, come back to me and tell me how vaccines are ruining our children?s lives.

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