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Are You Suffering From Post-Natal Depression?

There’s now an easy way to tell. According to a new study which has been featured in Pediatrics’ September issue, just three key questions among a conventional questionnaire worked as well at identifying whether a new mother was suffering from postpartum depression.

The 3 Key Questions Are:

  1. Have I blamed myself unnecessarily when things went wrong.?
  2. Have I felt scared or panicky for not very good reason?
  3. Have I been anxious or worried for not very good reason?

What is postpartum depression? It’s a common ailment of many new mothers. Symptoms include anxiety, weepiness or sadness, insomnia, excessive guilt, withdrawal from family and friends, inability to find job in usually pleasurable activities, loss of appetite, thoughts of suicide or other scary thoughts, panic attacks. A mother may feel too guilty for having such feelings when everyone expects them to be joyful of having a new baby that she may not seek out help, and therefore go undiagnosed.

The researchers in the study believe that these 3 key questions can save a lot of the time that it takes to diagnose for postpartum depression. These 3 questions turned out to be better than the long questionnaire at screening for sufferers of the ailment.

If you are a new mother and you have answered yes to the three questions above, seek your physician’s help immediately.


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