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An Amazing Story About Cord Blood

Every so often a story comes along that is truly amazing, and if you’re ready for a really uplifting story then you should hear about Chloe Levine.

She is a toddler who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after it became apparent that she wasn’t developing like she should have. She didn’t have control over the right side of her body and instead of crawling as a baby she shuffled along using only her left side.

Her parents had banked her cord blood when she was born and this made her eligible for a clinical trial to treat cerebral palsy. She participated in the clinical trial and saw almost immediate results! Her right arm is no longer pinned to her side and she can run and catch a ball with both arms, which are two things her parents never thought she would ever do. Other young children have experienced similar successes with this treatment. ( Watch the short video )

Cerebral palsy is only one of the many illnesses that use cord blood stem cells therapy . Parents who seek out treatment for their children using cord blood will agree that despite the cost involved in banking the blood, it can be completely worth it. Just ask Chloe’s parents if it was worth the effort and cost and they’ll agree that cord blood banking changed the life of their daughter.

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