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A Day in the Life of a SAHM: Sick Kids

adaysahmsickkids.jpgLast week my kids both came down with bad colds. Having both kids sick at once was a first for us and it was, unfortunately, also my 7-month-old daughter’s first cold. Needless to say, it was a rough week at our house!

One night I was up ALL night (literally). My two-year-old son would wake up coughing and I’d go to his room and get him calmed down and back to sleep. No sooner had I gotten back into bed than my daughter would wake up, so I would go and get her settled down and back to sleep. This continued all night long. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the fact that I was a zombie for the entire day after this. (I didn’t think there were worse nights than those first ones back from the hospital – boy was I wrong!)

My kids are finally starting to get better now, thank goodness. Having two kids sick at their ages at the same time was a whole new experience for me and I hope I never experience my kids and me sick all at once (although, I’m sure at some point I will). This time was definitely enough of a challenge!

The thing I realized during their colds was that Moms may not be Olympic athletes or world leaders, but we are strong in our own right. Moms wipe runny noses, are up in the middle of the night consoling sick babies, and we dispense medicine to unwilling children (this is no easy task, as I’m sure you well know!). It takes a tough and selfless person to take care of a sick child and the more children you have, the harder it gets. So, to all of you Moms out there who are fighting a sickness with your child or children – I salute you. We’ve all been there and we know that battle is a tough one – may you come out better for worse or wear.

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