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What Can I Do With Used Formula Cans?

What Can I Do With Used Formula Cans?Empty formula cans either end up in the trash, or start stack up in the kitchen. Can you recycle formula cans? The steel cans are recyclable, with other steel food cans.

Most other cans, the kind made of cardboard, are actually made of composites of different materials, and usually can’t be recycled. So what do you do with them? Here’s some ideas to save your formula cans from the trash.

  • Reuse them in the kitchen. The insides wipe clean and then they can be used to store crackers, pasta, rice, and other dry goods. Peel off the outer layer of cardboard or the label and then you can label them with the new contents. One crafty blogger made labels from the packaging of the product going in the can to customize them.
  • Use them for art and craft projects. Peel off the outer label then decorate the outsides. Challenge your toddler to paint on a curved surface. Or use them to store art supplies like crayons or paintbrushes.
  • Reuse them as toys. One formula can plus one wooden spoon equals a drum. Cut a hole in the lid for baby to put things through. They stack nicely too, show baby how to build a tower. Then knock it down!
  • Storage containers for little toys, marbles, pacifiers, coins, screws or nails in the garage, or whatever little objects you have.

Do you have any fun, crafty or pretty ideas for empty formula cans? Please share!

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