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Wash your baby wipes

Wash your baby wipes

clothesline.jpgBaby wipes can be very expensive, as parents know all too well. You can always use cloth wipes, but if you prefer to use disposable, there is a way to stretch your wipes budget.
The brand I use is Kirkland?s, from CostCo. They?re unscented, amply sized, and moistened just right. Other brands may work also, but buying them in bulk is an added way to save money.

I?ve found that these wipes can be washed and reused repeatedly. That?s right. You wipe your baby?s bottom, toss the wipe in the washing machine with your regular clothes, put everything in the dryer, and start all over again. You should be able to wash and dry the wipes about 2 or 3 times before they finally need to be thrown out.

Besides using the wipes for diaper changes, they?re great as baby washcloths, rags, tissues (when they?re dry or wet), and more. I use them to wipe up spills, clean up grubby hands, and wipe little faces. If I had to throw them out each time, I would be super concerned whenever I used them for some little task. But knowing I can reuse them makes me feel at ease.

Be creative. You won?t feel bad about using one for a little task. Even better, when you turn your back for a second and realize that baby?s pulled every wipe out of the package, you won?t even blink an eye.

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