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The Benefits of Shade Grown Coffee

thebenefitscoffee.jpgFor those coffee lovers among you, you may have wondered what this shade grown coffee that we have been hearing about is.

Shade grown coffee is grown in the shade of larger trees and bushes, usually in the rain forests of Central and South America, Indonesia and Africa. Because of this it grows more slowly and is therefore less popular among the big producers. However, there are environmental benefits of buying shade grown coffee. It helps support the ecosystem by encouraging biodiversity and a range of plants all grown together rather than cutting down a section of the rain forest in order just to grow coffee. This has a positive effect on the plants and wildlife. Also, shade grown coffee tends to be produced by smaller companies and so you are supporting the smaller and more local businesses.

Coffee was traditionally only grown in the shade and over time plant that grow in the sun have been developed, however these require lots of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to grow, and so therefore the coffee has a higher level of chemicals in it. Many people also believe that the coffee is fuller, richer and with a more mature flavour.

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