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Reduce and Offset Your Carbon Emissions through


Daily we see or read about how our earth is constantly struggling to survive through the damage that we all have placed on her; throwing away trash that could easily be recycled, using her natural resources without thought, and choking her air as we drive to and from our day to day activates.There are many of us that want to rethink how we currently use our earth?s resources and to become a more consciences user. Recycling what can be recycled, changing how we use water and energy, and to help reduce our carbon emissions for a cleaner, healthier earth. is an organization that can do just that. is a devoted organization to helping change our climate and educate consumers. Offering online resources,, teaches consumers how they can reduce their carbon emissions at various points within their life, like at home, at work, and while traveling.

By using Carbonfund?s calculators, you can see exactly how much emissions you generate and place into our air. Taking into consideration the damage that is done, you can reduce and offset those emissions by using the suggestions on and by also making a contribution based on the amount of emission that you create.

The service that offers, allows you to contribute to them the dollar amount of the carbon emissions that you have created, or any other dollar amount to help offset your emissions. That money is then placed into various projects like reforestation and energy efficiency to mend damage caused to our Earth.

Get your children involved. Children hear about the damage as much as parents do with current events in school. Children are great promoters and can rally neighbors together to help repair damage that has been caused. They can offer neighborhood recycling tips, how to reduce and offset, and even organize a drive to have your street donate as one group to recognize there involvement in the damage.


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