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Chemicals Are Worse Than Dirt For Your Crawling Baby

I like to joke that my son is the cutest mop I ever did see. What I don’t find to be cute is all the dust and pet hair that clings to him as he’s crawling around the house. I also worry about the “unseen” things that cling to him when my floors are spotless and he’s not picking up dust and dirt. For example, what kind of chemical residue is left from the cleaning products I use? How much of that residue will get on him when he’s crawling?

Avoid Toxic Chemicals!

In order to keep my house clean, but non-toxic, I’ve started using different natural cleaning products. Clorox, for example, has a new line of biodegradable cleaning products that are made from plant and mineral based ingredients.

A company called “Method” also has many non-toxic cleaning products. I have seen products made by this company at a few of the high end grocery stores here locally, as well as at the Target department stores. These products tend to be a little more costly than the Clorox line of products.

Overall, I’ve been pleased at the results I’ve seen using different products from these two companies. My floors, and my crawling son, are clean! I also don’t worry about the chemicals that he’s picked up during his travels around the house.

Do you use any non-toxic green cleaning products? Which ones would you recommend?

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