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BPA Chemical Found in Plastics Causing Product Recalls Nationwide

Recent studies have found that the chemical BPA, also founds in other plastics, has some retailers pulling products from shelves. Many eco-conscious Americans actively use hard plastic refillable containers to carry water and other liquids in in order to help keep the number of disposable water bottles out of landfills. These types of containers have seen a sharp spike in consumer purchase, especially seen in stores on the west coast. Earlier this year the mayor of San Francisco put an order into effect that banned plastic water bottles inside the city limits to help cut down on the environmental impact being felt all over the world by this type of un-biodegradable waste accumulation.

While this has been a good step for the environment, residents of San Fransisco complain that the tap water and public water supply contains added fluoride supposed to help slow tooth decay but has been shown scientifically to be mostly ineffective and harmful to health, arguing that this added chemical is a waste of tax payer’s dollars. Because of many residents not wanting to consume water straight from the tap many have turned to in-home water supplies such as deep rock and Sparkletts machine and have turned to the refillable plastic containers put out by a variety of companies, most notably including those at Nalgene. The recent findings of the hormone copying chemical BPA has retailers and consumers concerned and many stores have pulled these and other related products from shelves. While there has not been a national or full state ban on these type of materials, many individually owned businesses have already pulled products. California is currently discussing a state-wide ban on these affected products and if passed would be the first ban on a chemical in the world.

In response to the findings of this chemical in other products such as baby bottles and children’s drinking cups, green companies are encouraging parents to pay attention and check online sources before buying such products. While green alternatives can be a little bit pricier and harder to find, sources say that plastic companies are working hard to remove this chemical and are turning towards developing their own green products for mass production in the upcoming year. For now, moms concerned about plastic baby bottles should do their research and a good option to help reduce this risk is the drop in disposable liner products that are found in mostly all retail stores and are put out by Playtex, Evenflo, and other store-brand generic alternatives.

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