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Bamboo Babies

bamboobabies.jpgWith visions of baby pandas dancing in my head, I went in search of the newest eco-friendly buzzword in fabric right now: bamboo. While the incredibly fast-growing grass may not conjure up the epitome of cuddly goodness, this remarkable plant has made great strides in revolutionizing sustainable resources for consumers. Reaching heights of over 60 feet without the use of fertilizers or harmful chemicals, bamboo is the rock star of renewable resources, some species growing over four feet in one day, and is ready to be harvested in two months. Bamboo’s multi-purpose uses range from sheets to houses, it’s no wonder that it’s quickly becoming a favorite by green parents.

Bamboo clothing offers the benefits of being naturally anti-microbial, keeping bacteria from cultivating on its surface and leaving the fabric odor free. It also regulates heat, keeping your baby warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than other fabrics. Feeling like silk or even cashmere, bamboo’s rich softness makes it a perfect choice for babywear. Companies such as Bamboosa offers clothing for babies and adults, even socks for stinky toes that naturally wick away odor and wetness as it absorbs 3-4 times better than cotton.

Keeping your baby green is as natural as the choices you make. With bamboo taking over the market as quickly as it grows, this alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics is a smart choice for your family.

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