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Top 10 baby shower gifts

top10babygifts.jpgI vaguely remember my baby shower ? I was a bloated exhausted seven months pregnant and the thought of a room full of my husbands crazy French relatives, and my own family made me long for the couch, a Snickers, and some maternity sweatpants….

But I suffered through it. I had spent hours pouring over baby stuff from Target and made a fantastic (if I don’t say so myself) registry of top notch baby chairs, swings, and polka dot swaddlers. I will be honest ? I’m an opinionated young mom who believes in ?stupid stuff? girls don’t need to wear pink in order to diffuse future gender issues….My list was a colorful array of lemony yellows, and deep forest greens. At my baby shower the only item I got that I requested was a first aid kit. Sitting in the center of a restaurant surrounded by pink frilly nightgowns I wanted to sob. So, from a post-pregnant-hormonal-current mom to the go-er of a baby shower….here are the top ten items you can get someone who’s full of baby:

  1. Diapers and wipes. I know I know you were probably thinking along the lines of an elaborate ?going home form hospital? gown but lets face it: all babies do is poop and pee. Diapers are expensive and a new mom can’t get enough…the thought of a nursery chock full of supplies is comforting for a new mom who’s going to want to spend what little free time she has napping, not cruising the baby isle of Shop rite.
  2. Get a diaper genie, for said diapers and wipes. If you wanna be really cute get a 100 pack of Pampers for newborns, and the genie. It’s a god-send!A nice safe, powder fresh place to store dirty diapers.
  3. Gift cards (I know I know, I need to get the boring stuff out of the way) Once said diapers run out and the mom to be (who may or may not be nursing or pumping or formula feeding) will need baby stuff. Baby stuff can get expensive and there’s nothing more satisfying than realizing you have a $50 gift card to Babies R Us so you won’t need to shell out your own money.
  4. Onesies. Remember when I mentioned poop and pee? Well, I forget drool, vomit, and boogers. New moms sometimes swoon at the idea of dresses, and little sailor outfits for their newborns but the truth is we are often too exhausted to deal with anything less than a piece of cotton that has three buttons. And when you end up changing said newborn five or five hundred times per day it’s nice to have an endless supply of onesies around.
  5. A month’s worth of pick up laundry service. This will be the best gift ever, I can promise you.
  6. If you’re the DIY type why don’t you make a coupon book, similar to the kind you might have made your parents when you were too little to have a real job, and real money to buy them gifts? Coupons that say ?4 hrs babysitting while you sleep in? or ?two meals cooked by yours truly…?
  7. Bibs. Hundreds and millions of bibs…pre-baby I had a nice stack of about thirty in my linen closet and now I’m lucky if I can find one before I force feed my daughter rice cereal. There is is parallel universe where all the bibs end up, floating around.
  8. A breast pump. I know this tends to cater to the boob-mom but even the worst kind of boob-mom sometimes needs a break. Maybe she wants to go out for dinner, maybe she wants to sleep through the night? She’ll need to pump, and pumping is expensive. Chip in, or rent the woman a breast pump! You can also scour Ebay and Craigslist for them.
  9. Subscriptions to mom-magazines. You’d never guess, but there are lots of fun friendly magazines that make the (sometimes) dull monotonous days of mommy-hood go buy. My two personal favorites? Cookie and Wondertime. Steer clear of Baby Couture unless your mom-to-be is materialistic and the type to chuckle at six year old girls looking like mini Kate Moses.
  10. The baby Bjorn baby chair. It’s pricey, but there’s a reason…it’s a miracle worker. It’s pretty basic (red or black gingham I believe) and has wooden toys once baby becomes interested and develops that fun thing called hand eye coordination. The little one can relax, or once he’s ready sit propped up to view the world. While being a mini voyeur he can twirl the wooden bears or suck on them, while mom does what she needs to do.

I hope I helped at least one person. One person with a sense of humor and the understanding that the basics in baby-buying are important

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