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wbabyesake.jpgDo you remember a time when households had to borrow a camera from a neighbor or an aunt just so the latest addition to the family will have his picture taken? And do you remember a time when pictures are taken only during special occasions like birthdays and the Holidays (you know, those classic poses behind a birthday cake or in front of a Christmas tree?).

Well, in this digital age, that time is no more. Even cellphones can capture a baby’s everyday smiles now. And babies nowadays have hundreds of pictures taken even before they reach the age of one.

So what to do with these pictures?

Well, aside from uploading them to the internet to share with friends and family from afar, or posting printed copies on your ref, bulletin board, door, or bedroom wall, you can also use them for personalized souvenirs and giveaways for special occasions.

Babies Online’s Personalized Gifts section offers so many ways. First, there is the tie-up with Clark Color where registered members can get 15% discount on photo gifts. Now you can paste that sweet face on mugs, teddy bear shirts, buttons and many more. Choose a really great picture and have it printed as a mouse pad, which all your friends are sure to use. For my son’s christening, I had his picture printed on a mug and asked the recipients (via a note inside the mug) to use the mug as a coin-tainer for loose change.

Other personalized gifts offered by Babies Online include Personalized Books and Music CDs. These are sure to tickle your baby pink to hear his or her name read or sung out loud!

And then there’s my personal favorite, The Birthday Chronicles is a must for every scrapbook and would be a brilliant giveaway for christenings and dedications. It would also be lovely to have it framed and every child you have to have one. It’s the best easy reference for how the world was like when you were born. It’s even a perfect birth announcement.

Sure, you can still give cupcakes and pies or knitted and cross-stitched somethings. I’m just saying that you might want to maximize the photos you have painstakingly taken (and with babies, it sure is not always easy to get them looking at the camera!). And there really is so many ways now to personalize gifts, it’s crazy.

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