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Tips For Attending Sporting Events With Kids

The winter doldrums usually set in for us around February, when the snow pauses and the trees, grass and sky all take on a decidedly gloomy gray.

We decided to try to beat the boredom this weekend by taking in a sporting event. Our local university plays in many home basketball games, so we packed up the kids and attended a women’s game. If you’re thinking about going to a sporting event with little ones (we have a baby and a toddler), here are some tips to make it easier on everyone.

Remember These Tips When Going to a Sporting Event With Children

  • Go for general admission. Our university provides general admission seating, not assigned seats, so it was easy for us to take up several extra seats. My husband and I bookended the kids, allowing them to play in between us and keep themselves entertained.
  • Don’t expect to watch the game – or stay for the entire game. In fact, you might end up trying to catch the replays on the Jumbotron or forget that there is even a score being kept. But your kids will be having plenty of fun regardless!
  • Bring snacks and juice if possible. Many stadiums and venues don’t allow bags to be brought in; if you can, bring in the diaper bag or tuck some juice boxes or Cheerios in your pockets. While you’re at it, you might want to bring some extra baby wipes or sanitizing wipes for grungy seats.
  • Get up and walk around. When the kids begin to show signs of boredom or fussiness, get up and walk around. People watch, or look at the trophies or other memorabilia at the stadium or arena.
  • Change diapers before or after if possible. Many arenas don’t have diaper changing stations, especially those which usually don’t host many children’s events. Plan ahead and try to change any diapers before leaving home. If you find yourself needing to change a diaper, look for a family restroom or some other small, private area and be quick!

Sporting events can be a nice change of pace for adults and children alike – especially during the gloomy wintertime.

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