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Rockin: (and early!) New Year’s Eve

Rockin? (and early!) New Year?s Eve

20082.jpgWe?re going to party like it?s 1999! Well, not really ? because in 1999, we didn?t have any kids. And that changes New Year?s plans considerably.
Pre-kids, I used to enjoy traveling for the New Year: Paris, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas. But now, the only way I?m up at midnight is if my 10-month-old is awake with a dirty diaper or teething. So for the past few years, it?s been early to bed; after putting our son to bed, my husband and I would make a fancy supper for a low-key celebration. But now we?ve decided our son is old enough to ring in the New Year with us. So we?re going to have a family party. Inspired by a New Year?s party that?s being held at Legoland California, and a friend?s family tradition, we have a new resolution: to party (even if it?s early). What we?ll be doing:

Buying party supplies: Hats, noisemakers, party crackers that spill out presents when popped. Anything loud and festive will do.

Turning back the clock: Our ?midnight? will come early this year, set at a time when we?ll all be awake enough to celebrate. Because we live near Legoland, we may drive up to see their fireworks show ? at 6 p.m. And we?ll still get the baby to bed at a decent hour at that time.

Dancing the night (or afternoon) away: Thanks to a Christmas karaoke gift, we?ll have a singing and dancing extravaganza to create a fun mood. And of course, there will be a traditional countdown, although I?m leaning toward Silly String instead of confetti (easier to clean up).

Wining and dining: We?re cracking open the sparkling cider and serving up fun appetizers like mini quiches, egg rolls, and veggies and dip.

The best part: A happy New Year?s Eve spent as a family. We?re hoping our 3-year-old parties hearty?he?ll be so tired, we know he?ll sleep well, and we?d love to start 2008 out with a good night?s sleep.

What does your family do to celebrate New Year?s Eve?

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