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Planning A Party

I’m planning a big birthday bash for my soon-to-be 1 yr. old. I embrace simple parties, but this is a combo party that will be celebrating her christening as well so I decided to make it a big one. I told myself, she’s only going to be 1 once, she’s my first daughter and I’m allowed to indulge.

As I booked a venue, ordered the invitations, inquired about catering, favors, and on and on and on, I slowly started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. I added up the total and had startling moment. What have I gotten myself into?!

Planning a party is hard, but the logistics of a big party, plus the added expense is even harder. I’m almost to the finish line of her party. If I were to do it again, I probably would still have a big party but I’ve learned my lesson. I’d do several things differently.

I’d buy cheap software like Hallmark Card Studio which is only $9.99 and make my own invitations. Or even better, send an e-vite (electronic invitation). I would have bought a second-hand christening dress. I wouldn’t have bought her a birthday outfit but have dressed her in one of her pricey outfit gifted by doting grandmas and grand-aunts that have yet to be worn. I would stick to a simpler menu, and maybe held the big party at a relative’s place. One thing I did do was gratefully accept my parent’s help in the planning process and their offer to cover some of the expenses (thanks Mama and Papa!).

I’m still looking forward to the event though, even if we still have to contend with cake and other odds and ends. We’ve got family and friends flying in for the occasion and that at least, you can’t put a price on. My baby is about to turn one, oh boy.

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