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Pampered Mom

I went and did something fully ridiculous the other day: I got a full set of acrylic nails. Mind you, I used to have acrylic nails back in the day when I didn’t have young children and wasn’t much of a chef or housekeeper, so I don’t think I realized back then how much these things get in the way.

They’re pretty, but the other day I spent almost a full minute trying to pick a piece of flat plastic off the floor.

There comes a point when a mom of young children just needs to do things to pamper herself and make herself feel pretty again. I know many new moms don’t even miss a beat, applying makeup directly after labor and always looking well put together. I, on the other hand, am not one of those moms. For the first couple of years after my babies were born I usually walked around in comfortable pants, a messy ponytail, and mystery stains all over my shirt. This ensemble matched the dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep quite nicely.

I’ve reached the point nowadays when I feel justified in treating myself to salon visits and other forms of pampering. I know that not all women enjoy the whole salon experience and many would cringe at the thought of getting fake nails, but I’m getting a real kick out of having pretty nails.

Never mind that I can’t peel a sticker off the table.

Wish me luck with these nails. I think I may have them removed after my vacation, but then again I might grow used to them and have a hard time giving them up. Did I mention they look awfully pretty?

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